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Why More Women Travel Alone than Men

Posted on 07 April 2019 by (0)

Solo travel is now common among women than men. Generally, “solo female travel” searches grew by up to 52% from 2016 to 2017. Millennial women are considering holidaying alone. Additionally, a high percentage of the female travelers using services of tour companies are solo female travelers. So, why are more women traveling alone than men? Here are some of the possible reasons.


Individualism dates back to 18th century. This was something that the elites enjoyed for more than a century. It was popular among intellectuals and artists. Nevertheless, it became ingrained in the youth culture in the 1960s after which it spread to different parts of the world. Eventually, it produced expressive individualism. This was basically considered as the desire to discover true self while doing your thing. Maybe it is this desire that is compelling more women to travel solo considering that women have played stay-at-home mom roles for centuries.

Second Wave of Feminism

Most solo female travelers are millennials and boomers. The second feminism wave started in the 1960s in the United States. After this, it spread to the Western World and lasted for two decades. At this time boomers were becoming of age. Feminism affected many adolescents and young adults in these generations at this time. Independence and confidence were among their core values. Women raised their millennial daughters who believed that feminism enabled them to deliver. They now have freedom and less responsibility. Thus, they can now travel the world more.


Many single women claim to be happy with the status of their relationships. This is not the case for single men. Women prefer one-on-one relationships. Men on the other hand prefer group relationships. For instance, women think of relationships in terms of mom, dad, and sister. Men on the other hand think of relationships in terms of the entire family. Perhaps, it’s this nature that gives women the confidence to separate and travel solo.

Generally, there are many things that influence how and why people travel solo. These are just some of the possible reasons why more women travel alone than men.