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Traveling Jobs You Don’t Need a Degree For

Posted on 31 March 2020 by (0)

Traveling is so big an area that requires different kinds of skills and experiences. While some traveling jobs require a university degree, there are also several travel job opportunities that you can easily secure without a degree. The following are some of the common traveling jobs you do not need a degree for. 

Digital Nomads 

Digital nomads are people who work using computers and the internet. To them, location is never an issue, provided they have a computer and reliable internet access. Digital nomads work on-the-go, which enables them to travel and earn at their convenience. Examples of jobs for digital nomads include travel blogging, social media campaigns, freelance writing, and online business. 

Backpacker Jobs 

These jobs do not require a degree, computer or internet. Instead, they mainly emphasize a hands-on approach that most people can easily acquire through observation or just a little on-site training. Examples of backpacker jobs for travel enthusiasts include working in organic farms, housekeeping, music, art, and manual labor. 

Travel Sector Jobs 

The travel sector has plenty of job opportunities for non-degree holders that you may also consider in case you want to work in the hospitality and tourism industry but, lack a degree. Some of the career options include travel agents, tour guides and tourism marketing. These jobs mainly focus on ‘conventional’ business travel. As such, the key requirement for such jobs is experience and a little knowledge of the travel business. 

Expat Jobs 

There are also lots of job opportunities for expatriates to experience the world and earn a living without a university or college degree. The most common ex-pat jobs include teaching English, security and nanny services. The key requirements for such jobs are that one must be a native English speaker and have experience in their chosen occupation. 

The jobs discussed above will enable you to travel the world and make a decent living without a degree. However, the experiences and benefits usually vary based on the traveling jobs that you choose and terms of your job contract.