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Romantic Destinations in Rome

Posted on 22 September 2018 by (0)

Rome, romance. Many people secretly assume that romance was invented in Rome.  While this is not the case, there is still enough romantic places in Rome to render some truth to this assumption. Other people who never bother to do research, also assume Rome is a country. No, it is a city in Italy. It used to be a country, the headquarter of the world. But no more.

Some people think of the Pope, and they secretly feel it is unbecoming to bring romance to the doorsteps of such a holy man. Yes, you can celebrate your honeymoon in Rome. Romance is allowed, even if the pope himself has never experienced the joys associated with a honeymoon. The following are just some of the romantic places in Rome.

Trevi Fountain

Designed like a monumental triumphal arch, this 25.9m tall and 19.8m wide baroque fountain is the largest fountain in Rome. It is a statue of Neptune—the god of the sea. On a fine a day, you see lovers stroll through the square, hand in hand, sipping drinks and whispering sweet nothings to each other.

You can join in the fun with your lover. When you go to Rome, do as they do. Here lovers throw coins in the fountains to wish themselves a happiness in their romance life. Tourists arrive from distant lands to throw the coins. If you want to see the bright street light form a romantic scene around the fountain, you should come along in the evening. You will be stunned by the blending.

The garden of the Oranges

This sweet-smelling garden lies behind the Basilica of Santa Sabina. With your lover you can walk in the peaceful garden, watching the sunset, breathing the citrus scent of oranges and stopping once in a while to kiss. The silence within beautifully adds to the intimacy. Although romance is always in the air here, never let passion overtake you and your lover.


Campidoglio is one of the impressive wedding venues in Rome. It provides a gorgeous backdrop of the ancient Rome. The place is excellent in the day but magical at night. Lovers love to stroll Campidoglio at night, to awake the wild romance sleeping in their souls. Step into the piazza which was designed by the gifted hands of Michelangelo himself. It is quiet, it is peaceful, and it offers you the privacy you need for an intimate conversation with your sweetheart.

Pincio Gardens

You and your lover can hire bikes or carriages and ride here to spend pleasant moments. The spot offers you an entire view of Rome. There are good cafes around, just in case you didn’t come with a packed lunch. It is home to lush gardens. Sit on one of the benches around the small lake and, well, share kisses from time to time. That’s just what other couples there are doing, after all. Don’t be the odd one out. It is Rome. Romance. Do what the Romans do, or you may be crucified.


To fully enjoy your romantic moments, stick to your lover. You may imitate what other lovers are doing, but may your heart remain with your lover.