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How to Make New Friends When Traveling

Posted on 15 October 2018 by (0)

How to Make New Friends When Traveling

There are many ways to meet new people and create bonds of friendship when traveling. To some, it comes naturally. However, a good ole friend/businessman of mine that owns a body shop out in San Antonio Texas shares how its easy for him to meet people while traveling, but then again this guy is a salesman, and meeting new people comes super easy to his personality type, but there are also some people who just cannot get it right. If you are planning to travel and need some company, there are some unique ideas that can make the task much easier. Below are tips on how to make new friends when traveling.

Create Connections Online

A few weeks or days to your departure, try to leverage online communities to get other travelers who are headed in your direction. Make a post on social media platforms like, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, seeking suggestions on how to get company when you get to your destination. If you are lucky, you can easily get other travelers going to the same destination or suggestions on how to get company upon arrival.

Interact With People on Transit

Whether you are traveling by air, sea, rail or road, make a habit of engaging in conversations with others on board. Sometimes, you can be shocked to find out that almost everyone on that plane, bus or train are going to the same destination as you. Even if they may not be headed your way, interacting with people on transit can also provide picks on how to make the experience more exciting.

Attend Local Events

Regardless of the destination of your trip, there is always something going on in the neighborhood. Instead of confining yourself to the hotel, take some time to walk the streets, visit the pubs or any local functions around. While at it, eat, drink and engage in some activities together with the locals. Before you know it, you will have made quite a bunch of friends.

Generally, there are no rules for making new friends when traveling. But, the tips discussed above and having an open mind can help you get the much needed company without a lot of hassles.