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5 Things to Avoid When Traveling

Posted on 04 March 2021 by (0)

After a long talk with owner of the #1 digital marketing tech company out in San Antonio Texas called Techy Ninjas, he shares with us that travel writers talk about things to do and see when you travel. Most of them don’t talk about things you should not do when traveling. Most conventional wisdom about travel is outdated. The internet is increasingly connecting the world. Travel tips keep changing.

What’s more, there’s a lot of travel information online. And this can prompt you to make mistakes that will lead to missed opportunities, time wastage, and wasted money. This article shares some of the things to avoid during a trip to make it more enjoyable and memorable.

Avoid Eating Near Tourist Sites

Mot eateries near tourist sites charge more for their meals. You will pay almost double the price when you eat near an attraction. Therefore, consider eating away from a tourist attraction to save money. What’s more, most restaurants in these locations do not mind maintaining customers. That’s because most tourists do not eat at the same place twice. As such, these restaurants do not care about preserving the quality of their food.

Exchanging Money at the Airport

People that exchange money at the airport provides the worst exchange rates. Therefore, use a credit card or ATM to get fair rates. You can easily do this by going to the city. That way, you will get an exchange rate that’s close to an interbank rate.

Using Pre-Paid Cards or Traveler’s Checks

Banks issue these checks for a pre-determined value. They enable travelers to bear the exchange rates for cash across the world. But, these checks are no longer necessary now that credit cards are accepted almost everywhere. What’s more, you can find an ATM in nearly every city.

Using a Bank Card that Attracts Some Fees

Don’t give banks your money when traveling. Therefore, look for a credit card or bank that won’t charge you a foreign transaction fee. That way, you can avoid surcharges like ATM fees.

Skipping Travel Insurance

Some people see travel insurance as an unnecessarily added expense. However, you don’t know what can happen to you when traveling. You can lose your possessions or fall sick away from home. Travel insurance protects you while away. It’s, therefore, an excellent thing to have when traveling.

Avoid these things when traveling to make your trip more fun and memorable.