How to Make New Friends When Traveling

Posted on 15 October 2018 (0)

How to Make New Friends When Traveling

There are many ways to meet new people and create bonds of friendship when traveling. To some, it comes naturally. However, a good ole friend/businessman of mine that owns a body shop out in San Antonio Texas shares how its easy for him to meet people while traveling, but then again this guy is a salesman, and meeting new people comes super easy to his personality type, but there are also some people who just cannot get it right. If you are planning to travel and need some company, there are some unique ideas that can make the task much easier. Below are tips on how to make new friends when traveling.

Create Connections Online

A few weeks or days to your departure, try to leverage online communities to get other travelers who are headed in your direction. Make a post on social media platforms like, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, seeking suggestions on how to get company when you get to your destination. If you are lucky, you can easily get other travelers going to the same destination or suggestions on how to get company upon arrival.

Interact With People on Transit

Whether you are traveling by air, sea, rail or road, make a habit of engaging in conversations with others on board. Sometimes, you can be shocked to find out that almost everyone on that plane, bus or train are going to the same destination as you. Even if they may not be headed your way, interacting with people on transit can also provide picks on how to make the experience more exciting.

Attend Local Events

Regardless of the destination of your trip, there is always something going on in the neighborhood. Instead of confining yourself to the hotel, take some time to walk the streets, visit the pubs or any local functions around. While at it, eat, drink and engage in some activities together with the locals. Before you know it, you will have made quite a bunch of friends.

Generally, there are no rules for making new friends when traveling. But, the tips discussed above and having an open mind can help you get the much needed company without a lot of hassles.

Why More Women Travel Alone than Men

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Solo travel is now common among women than men. Generally, “solo female travel” searches grew by up to 52% from 2016 to 2017. Millennial women are considering holidaying alone. Additionally, a high percentage of the female travelers using services of tour companies are solo female travelers. So, why are more women traveling alone than men? Here are some of the possible reasons.


Individualism dates back to 18th century. This was something that the elites enjoyed for more than a century. It was popular among intellectuals and artists. Nevertheless, it became ingrained in the youth culture in the 1960s after which it spread to different parts of the world. Eventually, it produced expressive individualism. This was basically considered as the desire to discover true self while doing your thing. Maybe it is this desire that is compelling more women to travel solo considering that women have played stay-at-home mom roles for centuries.

Second Wave of Feminism

Most solo female travelers are millennials and boomers. The second feminism wave started in the 1960s in the United States. After this, it spread to the Western World and lasted for two decades. At this time boomers were becoming of age. Feminism affected many adolescents and young adults in these generations at this time. Independence and confidence were among their core values. Women raised their millennial daughters who believed that feminism enabled them to deliver. They now have freedom and less responsibility. Thus, they can now travel the world more.


Many single women claim to be happy with the status of their relationships. This is not the case for single men. Women prefer one-on-one relationships. Men on the other hand prefer group relationships. For instance, women think of relationships in terms of mom, dad, and sister. Men on the other hand think of relationships in terms of the entire family. Perhaps, it’s this nature that gives women the confidence to separate and travel solo.

Generally, there are many things that influence how and why people travel solo. These are just some of the possible reasons why more women travel alone than men.

How to Get Inspiration to Travel

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How to Get Inspiration to Travel

In a world with a wide range of attractions and potential adventures, deciding on where to visit can sometimes be the most challenging. With a little inspiration, you will be able to make an informed choice on a destination and activities that suit your interests. The following are unique ideas on how to get inspiration to travel.

Explore Travel Blogs

Travel blogs are among the key inspirations for traveling. Travel blogs provide information about different destinations including the best places to visit as well as things to do and avoid. By reading traveling blogs, you will also be able to find information about any upcoming events in various travel destinations. These are detailed in writing, photos and videos to give you a better picture of what to expect in every destination discussed therein.

Look Out for New Attractions on Flight Booking Sites

Booking sites for airline operators also provide a great platform for travelers to get inspiration. In an attempt to attract customers, many airlines and travel companies usually post information about new destinations on their sites. By checking their sites often, you can easily find a destination that you would love to visit.

Check Out Instagram

Although you should not pick a destination for your trip solely based on Instagram posts, it is a better place to get inspiration. While at it, be sure to check popular hashtags that are related to travel like, #LoveToTravel, #TheGlobeWanderer and #LifeWellTravelled. This will help you find posts about the experiences of travelers and others in various parts of the world. Instagram mainly uses photos and videos to tell stories, which can help you make an informed choice on where and when to travel.

Inspiration for traveling can be found in so many places including even your environment. However, you should first decide on the particular activities that interest you or the kind of experience that you need.

How to Make the Most Out Of a Hotel Experience When Traveling

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How to Make the Most Out Of a Hotel Experience When Traveling

Traveling has become a part of the lives of many people today. Whether you travel locally or internationally, you will need to book a hotel for accommodation. Even if you will not be spending a lot of time at the hotel, it is still important that you get the best experience from your stay. Below are tips on how to make the most out of a hotel experience when traveling.

Check in Early and Stay Late

Arriving early gives you an ample time to set up and familiarize yourself with the new environment. Staying late on the other hand, gives you a longer time to explore the new landscape. If your flight arrives earlier than the stipulated check-in time, call the hotel and ask if you can get to the hotel early.

If there is space, you can have enough time to rest before the excursion. If you have a loyalty program with the hotel, they are likely to oblige to your request of staying late. Even if you do not have one, such a request can still be considered as an extra for building customer loyalty.

Know what the Hotel Offers

Before you even book a hotel for your trip, you should be well acquainted with their services. Take time to do a little research about the hotel so you know exactly what they offer in terms of amenities, fees and any extras. Upon arriving at the hotel, confirm with the person in charge about their offers based on your expectations. When doing this, remember to also ask for advice on the best practices to enable you enjoy your stay there.

Make Friends with the Staff

In hotels where the staff meets different people all the time, it is easy to be treated poorly. Making friends with the staff can go a long way in ensuring your smooth stay. Try to get familiar with the people who will be serving you and act friendly at all times. Tips can also work quite well in creating a friendly bond between you and the hotel staff. Besides their services, they can also provide insider picks to make your trip more exciting.

Making the most of a hotel experience mainly revolves around having a good time. In case you have any issues finding your bearing, do not be afraid to ask. After all, traveling is about new experiences. Click here for some good cheap hotel rates.


Romantic Destinations in Rome

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Rome, romance. Many people secretly assume that romance was invented in Rome.  While this is not the case, there is still enough romantic places in Rome to render some truth to this assumption. Other people who never bother to do research, also assume Rome is a country. No, it is a city in Italy. It used to be a country, the headquarter of the world. But no more.

Some people think of the Pope, and they secretly feel it is unbecoming to bring romance to the doorsteps of such a holy man. Yes, you can celebrate your honeymoon in Rome. Romance is allowed, even if the pope himself has never experienced the joys associated with a honeymoon. The following are just some of the romantic places in Rome.

Trevi Fountain

Designed like a monumental triumphal arch, this 25.9m tall and 19.8m wide baroque fountain is the largest fountain in Rome. It is a statue of Neptune—the god of the sea. On a fine a day, you see lovers stroll through the square, hand in hand, sipping drinks and whispering sweet nothings to each other.

You can join in the fun with your lover. When you go to Rome, do as they do. Here lovers throw coins in the fountains to wish themselves a happiness in their romance life. Tourists arrive from distant lands to throw the coins. If you want to see the bright street light form a romantic scene around the fountain, you should come along in the evening. You will be stunned by the blending.

The garden of the Oranges

This sweet-smelling garden lies behind the Basilica of Santa Sabina. With your lover you can walk in the peaceful garden, watching the sunset, breathing the citrus scent of oranges and stopping once in a while to kiss. The silence within beautifully adds to the intimacy. Although romance is always in the air here, never let passion overtake you and your lover.


Campidoglio is one of the impressive wedding venues in Rome. It provides a gorgeous backdrop of the ancient Rome. The place is excellent in the day but magical at night. Lovers love to stroll Campidoglio at night, to awake the wild romance sleeping in their souls. Step into the piazza which was designed by the gifted hands of Michelangelo himself. It is quiet, it is peaceful, and it offers you the privacy you need for an intimate conversation with your sweetheart.

Pincio Gardens

You and your lover can hire bikes or carriages and ride here to spend pleasant moments. The spot offers you an entire view of Rome. There are good cafes around, just in case you didn’t come with a packed lunch. It is home to lush gardens. Sit on one of the benches around the small lake and, well, share kisses from time to time. That’s just what other couples there are doing, after all. Don’t be the odd one out. It is Rome. Romance. Do what the Romans do, or you may be crucified.


To fully enjoy your romantic moments, stick to your lover. You may imitate what other lovers are doing, but may your heart remain with your lover.